First Atlantic Auto Credit LLC Device Purchase

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*If you do not know your Dealer ID, please contact sales manager Tim Mcnulty at (856) 236-3038 or Funding Department at (888) 995-0218, option #5.
$135.00 each

Trax OBD Features

  • Pinpoint GPS Tracking - Keep an eye on your vehicles and manage risk with precise GPS tracking.
  • OBDII Harness - TRAX OBD comes with an integrated passthrough harness that allows you to quickly install the TRAX device via the OBD II port, while still allowing diagnostics access.
  • Cutting-Edge 4G LTE/5G Compatible Technology - Equipped with advanced broadband connectivity to enable real-time updates and faster vehicle recovery.
  • Geofence Technology - Create geofences (virtual boundaries) around your points of interest to be notified of your asset entering or leaving the area.
  • Easy Installation - The TRAX tracking device is quick and easy to implement, helping you save time and resources.
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